Who are PTF?

We are a Textile Design Collective made up of 3 best friends; Zoe Beck (aka Print), Claire Alderdice (aka Tuft) and Kim Bassett (aka Fold).
We create bold and exuberant interior textiles to brighten up any space. We each have our own signature style, taking inspiration from elements such as travel, ethnic cultures, and kaleidoscopes!
Our products include crazily colourful rugs, eye-popping cushions and luminious lampshades. We recently worked with The Science Museum on our latest collection, taking inspiration from their amazing pictorial archives.
Our History

We met at Chelsea College of Art whilst studying MA Textile Design together back  in 2005. After our University days came to an end we formed Print Tuft and Fold initially as a means to support one another and then began exhibing at design shows collectively, having noticed how well our individual products gel together. Starting off at TENT London then 100% Design we went from strength to strength, evolving as a brand, and recognizing a gap in the market for explosively colourful textiles in a wide range of products.

Together we have worked on a wide range of commissions including a conceptual seating installation for JAM at 100% Design 2010.

PTF Cubed! JAM Commission for 100% Design 2010

Our Products

We each work conceptually with a variety themes such as travel and cities (PRINT), order vs chaos and kaleidoscopes (TUFT), origami, geometry and Asian culture (FOLD) – blurring the line between art and design.

Our range of products include rugs, cushions, lampshades, wallpaper and made to order upholstery fabrics.

We are passionate about creating sustainable and ethical furnishings for interiors with real personality. We strive to offer our customers top quality products, with great attention to detail and of course, a big splash of colour!

 We support ethical trade, and pride ourselves on sourcing, printing and stitching the majority of our products here in Great & Brilliant Britain!

Our work is available to buy online on a select number of sites, including Hidden Art and Bouf. We also take on private and commercial commissions, and conceptual projects. Please contact us for more details.

Love, Print Tuft & Fold

2 Responses to “Who are PTF?”

  1. Suzy Aikman May 5, 2010 at 9:07 am #

    Hello Ladies!

    It was lovely to meet Print and Tuft last night at the Stylist networking event, I love the brand name and your prints are truly stunning!

    Let me know if you ever fancy coffee and a chat on all things marketing and branding although going by the name you have that nailed!

    Good Luck

    Best Suzy

    • printtuftfold May 5, 2010 at 11:44 am #

      Hi Suzy

      It was great to meet you too, very interesting to hear about your industry.
      Yes lets definately meet up, hopefully we can get Fold along so you can meet the whole team.

      We’ll email you.

      Print (Zoe)

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