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A Whoopie or a Whoopsie?

7 Feb

My Whoopie Pie book from Fold

When FOLD bought me (TUFT) a really pretty new Whoopie Pie bakery book for Christmas I couldn’t wait to get cracking!

Finally on Friday night I did my shopping, got the eggs and sugar in by the bucket load, pulled on my pinny, whipped out Grandma’s finest tea set and set to work.

Tea Time

Tea Time

I’ve never actually had a Whoopie before, and to be honest all this baking malarky is rather new to me. I’m not of the sweet tooth persuation either – just give me a bag of Kettle chips and I’m as happy as bee in honey – but there’s something I really enjoy about the art of baking.  Its challenging (and I like getting competitive with myself). Its such a homely relaxing task. And I love to make something big out of nothing. (Just ask my boyfriend).

There is nothing finer in this world!

I loved the name ‘Whoopie’ too – I thought to myself, this sounds like a fun, good time treat. Like the jolly ole aunt of the cupcake family; you know, the one with the mischivious glint in her eye. In fact the name comes from Amish women who baked these desserts and put them in farmers’ lunchboxes. When farmers would find the treats in their lunch, they would shout “Whoopie”! Isn’t that great?!

Best of all I get to use my precious tea sets, collected from my dear grandparents, and found from travels to China and the Far East. Everything about the whole ceremony of eating cake and drinking tea is just so refined and unbelievably pretty.

Check out those wee little spoons! Lovely gift from Jay & Gemma

So heres out my first ever Whoopie Pies turned out… or should I say Whoopsie Pies… they resemble big burgers rather than the dinky macaroon sized treats I had anticipated! Delicious nonetheless, and couldn’t have been achieved without the seasoned hand of my good friend Anna who came to tea. What a pro!



If you garnish your baking heavily with strawberries it WILL look better

If you garnish your baking heavily with strawberries it WILL look better

Ladies & Gentlemen: The Whoopie Burger!

Ladies & Gentlemen: The Whoopie Burger!


When Tuft is away, Print and Fold go out to play!

20 Jan

Tuft is out in Hong Kong for 2 weeks, leaving me and Fold to keep Wednesday club running.  So last night off we went to another University of the Arts London alumni event.  The preview of Sroop Sunar’s The Goldern Glassy exhibition, in The Arts Gallery new spanking space in High Holborn.  Sunar looks back hundreds of years to present a pictorial history of England, using the traditional British pub sign to redraw our cultural and visual heritage. Influenced by the aesthetic of everyday Asian consumer goods, Sroop playfully explores her dual Indian and English ancestry and skilfully retells the visual history of her two cultures with idiosyncratic visual wit. As the printer of the family I especially loved the texture of the prints on the rough woodern signs.  If you get the chance check it out do. Print x
20 January – 5 March 2011 Monday – Friday 11am – 6pm, Saturday 12 – 4pm.

Fold @ The Goldern Glassy

New Year Resolutions – The ones worth keeping

6 Jan

I don’t know about you but I love to make New Years Resolutions, and I LOOOVE to make lists! So here goes the list of things I will do better at in 2011…


I speak for myself here, (myself being ‘Tuft’), when admit my guilt of not contributing more to our lovely blog. And finding something worth writing about leads me to my next firm resolution…

Go to more Art Exhibitions!

So my first port of call will be the ‘Art Fashion Identity’ exhibition at The Royal Academy, London.

The exhibition explores the role of clothing through themes of Storytelling, Building, Belonging & Confronting, and Performance. It showcases work from various artists and designers including Grayson Perry, La Maison Martin Margiela, Yinka Shonibare (a personal favourite of mine), and the late and very great Alexander McQueen.

It’s running only until 30th Jan, so you’ve got to be quick to catch it. I’m taking the morning off to see it tomorrow, really excited.

Yinka Shonibare MBE - Little Rich Girls, 2010


The best (and most common) advice I have received from any business mentor is ‘get out and network network network’! This should not be a problem, we are quite the social butterflies here at PTF, and I have certainly found that whether you are meeting your design peers or business experts, there is always an exciting new opportunity to be sought from the experience.

On this note we plan to frequent the brilliant Alumni events orchestrated by the University of the Arts London. The first of such events is Future Map, which is showcasing new cutting edge talent from the University. To catch these rising stars of the future visit the Zabludowicz Collection, 176 Prince of Wales Road, from 13 January – 6 February.

Lillian Suwanrumpha - BA (Hons) Fine Art - Chelsea College of Art & Design

Plan Plan Plan!

I am an excellent procrastinator, but as for planning… hmmmm, not so much. But that’s okay, it’s high on my official New Years Resolution list for all to see, and 2011 is the year of DOING not daydreaming. Right? Right!

Ahh, that Amelie... she was fond of daydreaming too...

It’s going to be a very exciting year ahead for Print Tuft & Fold, we can just feel it in our bones! The biggest obstacle we have yet to tackle is the dreaded business plan, but fear not The British Library is well stocked and ready to help! The business and IP centre has a phenomenal amount of info for us creative types, so time to get our heads in the books and exercise that left side of the brain!

I think this is quite enough for now (lets not get into the whole yoga/ paleo diet regime). But if my soul is creatively nourished I’m sure I’ll be just fine.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love Print, Tuft & Fold x x x

PTF on NYE; Playboy Bunny (Fold), Felicity Shagwell (Print) & Jessica Rabbit (Tuft)

My mate Reggie

19 Jul

At least someone likes my cushions!!! Note to self: if all else fails start pet range! Print and my beloved number one fan Reggie xx

Map Envelope

4 Jun

Found this great website today, Map Envelope.  It allows you to create an envelope with an inner lining which features a satellite photo of the location of your choice using the power that is Google Map.  Its really easy, just enter any location and add an optional custom message.  If you like what you see print it out and then all you have to do is fold it (they even include the fold lines).  The lining is a cool pic of the location you picked, with the address and a custom message you write attached to the location pin, just as it would appear on Google Maps.  I love it, sending good old fashioned letters just got cool again.  Print xx

Tuft & Fold Birthday Treats!

28 Apr

April babies, Fold and Tuft (me) celebrated our birthdays yesterday with much more style than previously done at the weekend…(no need to mention the Britney Spears themed party, right)?
And this time it was Print who pulled out all the stops, baking a seriously delicious (and bespoke, if you don’t mind) Birthday Cake! See photo below – how pretty!
And speaking of all things pretty, the girls bought me an array of juicy jewelry. Who needs there 5 a day, when you’ve got these beauties?

Print and I would like to wish our beloved FOLD a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope this year brings you much love and success! x x x

Kaleidoscopic iPhone app

20 Apr

Tuft I found this great iPhone app yesterday which I think you would love. Its called KaleidoVid and it turns the camera on your iPhone into a Kaleidoscope. I had great fun yesterday taking photos of my prints, here’s Marrakesh. Print xx