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Basso & Brooke: Kaleido-Wizardry!

15 Mar

We have long been fans of those digital wizards Basso & Brooke, and just moments ago they added some new print pics to their fan site. One word – WOW! Absolutely stunning with mind boogling levels of detail. I love how you could look at their prints over and over and still see something different; a hidden motif or detail. Digital Print never looked so exciting. As the Kaleidoscope-enthusiast of the group I need not go on about how much their work inspires me… these pics speak for themselves! Tuft x x x


When Tuft is away, Print and Fold go out to play!

20 Jan

Tuft is out in Hong Kong for 2 weeks, leaving me and Fold to keep Wednesday club running.  So last night off we went to another University of the Arts London alumni event.  The preview of Sroop Sunar’s The Goldern Glassy exhibition, in The Arts Gallery new spanking space in High Holborn.  Sunar looks back hundreds of years to present a pictorial history of England, using the traditional British pub sign to redraw our cultural and visual heritage. Influenced by the aesthetic of everyday Asian consumer goods, Sroop playfully explores her dual Indian and English ancestry and skilfully retells the visual history of her two cultures with idiosyncratic visual wit. As the printer of the family I especially loved the texture of the prints on the rough woodern signs.  If you get the chance check it out do. Print x
20 January – 5 March 2011 Monday – Friday 11am – 6pm, Saturday 12 – 4pm.

Fold @ The Goldern Glassy

(I’m now) Aware: Fashion Art Identity

7 Jan

Good ‘eve, Tuft here!

As promised, here I am, a-blogging again! It’s Day 2 of the Resolutions now and I have been to an art exhibition AND entered a blog. Hurrah! Big slap on the back, I thank you.

I really really enjoyed my trip to the Royal Academy of Arts this morning; shamefully, it was my first time despite having passed it numerous times en route to do my shopping in New Bond Street. (I wish).

‘Aware: Fashion Art Identity’ is a fantastically diverse & thought provoking exhibition that I really urge you to go see before it ends on 30th January. It explores how clothing and fashion is used to communicate and reveal identity,  through the themes of Storytelling, Building, Belonging & Confronting, and Performance.

Gorgeously clever (water-soluble) threads by Helen Storey

It’s hard to pick just one installation that stood out for me, but I was particularly impressed by Sharif Waked’s video ‘Chic Point’. Making a strong political comment on the complex situation in the Middle East, he created some ingenious garments that playfully exposed areas of the body – ‘Fashion for the Israeli Checkpoints’, if you will. It was clever, strangely humorous (the garments themselves), but also quite poignant and sad.

Sharif Waked - Chic Point, 2003

I also marvelled at the kaleidoscopic explosion of colour by Yinka Shonibare – amazing batik printed Colonial African Fabrics, beautifully displayed. I love using unashamedly bold vivid colours in my rugs, so for me his work is always so inspiring.

Yinka Shonibare MBE, Little Rich Girls, 2010

Speaking of inspiration I came across architects Acconci Studio who showcased a collection of gorgeous oragami pieces… no guessing who came to mind here! Check them out, Fold!

Acconci Studio, 2001

There is far too many brilliant and beautiful things to mention from this exhibition that I won’t be able to describe adequately. Suffice to say if you love fashion, fabrics and art you simply must pay it a visit – and then treat to yourself to a nice sugared macaroon or two from the Sketch tea shop – Yummy!

Go on then, I’ll have 5 of the pink please!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

Love, Tuft x

Magnificent Maps

31 May

So I finally made it to the British Library to check out the current exhibition Magnificent Maps. Having been disappointed to find out the British Library is only open late on a Tuesday and closes at 6pm most nights I had to dash there last Thursday for the final half an hour of opening.  Despite this minor let down the exhibition did not disappoint! The maps are amazing!! I absolutely loved the explorer’s maps; with hand drawn animals, people and buildings showing you what they had encountered on their trip, they feel magical and fairytale like.  I could just imagine them being presented to the King or Queen on their return and them being blown away with their stories.  Really made me want to go off traveling, exploring new lands, well maybe I’ll just settle on booking my next holiday! If you get a chance and feel like seeing some Art with a twist then check it out. By the one obsessed with travel, Print xxx

(Images from the exhibition book; Magnificent Maps Power, Propaganda and Art by Peter Barber and Tom Harper)

L’amour est Green

9 May

Like the famous French song Love is Blue recent events have opened my eyes to green tinted spectacles! As you may have read PTF are all April babies and weirdly my design sisters bought me a beautiful pair of open toe, green shoes with a geometric heel, then my boyfriend surprises me with a old skool leather satchel in guess what colour….GREEN!

When I was showing off my new satchel at work, Dobbo, workmate of the macho variety said that’s really you!  I forgot how much I loved this colour as I really haven’t been exposed to many inspiring shades recently but it’s funny how my loved ones have chosen these beautiful, bold items for me.

I’ve just returned from a week off in the Lake District, it was my first trip there and wow was there some greenery and as we left Keswick we pulled into the pencil museum to buy some souvenirs from the home of Derwent colour pencils!

I think another PTF camping trip is on the cards soon ladies!

Love Fold x

Modern Masters

9 May

Hey girls have you seen this series on BBC 1, its called Modern Masters its a four-part series detailing the life and work of four giants of 20th century art: Henri Matisse; Pablo Picasso; Salvador and Andy Warhol. Exploring why these artists are considered so important and how their influence can still be seen in our world today. For example did you know that Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo? True!

I caught the 1st episode on BBC i player today, looking at Warhol, it was fascinating.  It’s not your normal art history lesson, the presenter Alastair Sooke showed us how Warhol made it as an Artist.  He basically created a brand, never explained his Art and put his ‘Andy Suit’ on whenever he was in public.  And this was all in the 50’s!   You should really check it out.  There’s also an exhibition at the V&A at the moment to co-inside with the series, fancy going?
Print xx

Folded Font

7 May

Hey FOLD, I saw this on and thought of you, it’s by Gesa Hansen.  We always seem to struggle to find the right font that sums you up as a designer and I think this could be it. What do you think? PRINT xxx