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Zoe aka ‘Print’ featured in i newspaper

18 Feb

A lovely piece on cityscape inspired interior products by Lena Corner for the Independant’s new consise newspaper i.

i newspaper


There’s an Elephant in the room

16 Jul

A month or so ago I was emailed by a journalist and asked if I would be willing to talk about the printing process I use to produce my work.  This isn’t the normal kind of press I get so I jumped at the chance.  Not many people know about digital printing even though it’s been around for at least 10 years.  We don’t really think about how the products we buy are made.  Anyway don’t get me started on sustainability!  I get a mix of reactions when people here how I produce my work, “wow thats amazing I didn’t even know that was possible” or “well that just cheating isn’t it, getting a computer to do the work for you” and to those people I say, if you had any idea how long I spend at my computer screen and the time I have spent learning how to produce my designs digitally you would NOT call it cheating!!

So anyway I answered all the questions and supplied some images of the process and I’m absolutely chuffed with feature.  Elephant is a beautiful quarterly magazine which launched in November 2009, looking at contemporary art and visual culture published by Frame Publishers. Marc Valli, owner of the Magma design book stores in London, is the editor in chief. Featuring up-to-the-minute visual material, fresh faces and original voices, Elephant covers and uncovers new trends and talent in contemporary visual culture. Get yourself a copy!! Print xx

Graduates of the Week

6 May

The lovely people at Furturising have awarded us the title of ‘Graduates of the Week’. 

Futurising is an event being organised by our old haunt University of the Arts London. It’s a one-stop shop of opportunities, advice and information for all future and current creative graduates from all universities across the UK.  The first opportunities and recruitment festival specifically tailored to the needs of creative graduates will take place at the Nicholls & Clarke Building, Shoreditch High Street, London on 29th-30th June 2010.

I (print) was interviewd via telephone last week for the article by Adam who had some great probing questions which really got me thinking about my answers.  I was very aware of not being able to edit myself, it was a little more daunting than I imagined, I kept hearing myself say “no don’t write that” and “scrap that”.  Anyway I got through it and Adam and the fururising team wrote a great article, well done guys!

Check out the full article at

Style Junkee feature

9 Apr

This week Print’s new lampshades were featured on the fantastic blog Style Junkee.  Click on the link below to see for yourself, and while you’re there check out the rest of the blog, its fab!