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Science Museum together with PTF!

18 Sep

This year PTF have embarked on an exciting collaboration with The Science Museum, launching an array of vibrant products at 100% Design 2011!

Using imagery from the collections of the Science Museum, we have created a range of soft furnishings inspired by railway architecture and interiors, mathematical shapes, and micrographic photography. Science Museum Together PTF is the result.

The collection includes hand knotted rugs, funky lampshades and vibrantly coloured linen cushions in the signature styles of Print Tuft & Fold; sure to add a big splash of colour to any room!

We are all so excited about this collaboration… I remember when I (TUFT) first moved to London to study and totally falling in love with the Science Museum – where I bought my first toy kaleidoscope! …And the rest, they say, is history!

Its been such an inspirational project for all of us, and really hope you like the new products.

To preview the collection come visit us at stand x44, 100% Futures – 22nd – 25th September, Earls Court London.

Hope to see you there!

Love Zoe, Claire & Kim aka PTF x


100% Thank You!!

6 Oct

So it’s all over; the office/studio is tidy again, the stand props are back in storage and we have our weekends back. 100% Design this year was well worth it though, the stand was busy and our seating cubes at the entrance to the show seemed to be a big success. We couldn’t have managed to produce those fantastic cubes without the support of our super sponsors though.  Hill & Co Rugs produced Claire’s fantastic carpet on the tightest schedule in history but still to the highest quality as you would only ever expect from them, FabPad printed Zoe’s city inspired fabric and even when we thought that blue would be the death of us they brought to the table the most eye popping blue we could have only wished for and then there’s the super stars of the show our great upholsters D&G Upholstery with whom we put our lives in their hands and when those cubes turned up on site boy did it feel like Christmas!!  More importantly than producing great products we managed to find the most supportive and friendliest sponsors any designer could hope for, so a big thank you guys for making us want to do it all over again, it was months of hard work but a complete pleasure.

Wow we feel like we’re writing an acceptance speech but we really don’t want to miss anyone out…so we really need to thank JamDesign and Reed Exhibitions/100% Design for firstly giving us the opportunity and then supporting us through it, your inbox’s won’t know what’s hit them towards the end they must of started to flash up ‘it’s them again’!!

The show itself was buzzing and exciting from start to finish, we met some great people. Catherine from Furnish.co.uk who probably didn’t realise it but gave us a huge ego boast with “oh good I’ve finally found you I’ve been running all over the place trying to find PTF!!”  The lovely Ellie Tennent who in our minds writes one of the best interior products blog’s, home shopping spy, and also writes for the magazine Ideal Home, can’t believe she manages both!  (That should probably be the other way round, she writes for Ideal Home and manages to write a blog!) The best company name has to go to Kiss The Frog Again, a shop in Bath, who unfortunately don’t seem to have a website sorry!

So you’re probably thinking “what are they going to do with themselves now?’, all this free time now the shows over…we wish (actually we probably don’t, we do genuinely love what we do!)  No the next few months will involve following up all our leads, catching up with friends who have not seen or heard from us in months, a weeks holiday, a Xmas craft fair (watch this space for more details on that) and because we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t but working on all the projects we set ourselves on those quite moments on the stand during 100%, one of which being re-branding PTF. 

So anyway thank you to all, for your continued support and for coming to see us at 100% Design.
Print, Tuft and Fold xx

First day at 100%

23 Sep

So our first morning at 100% has been going well and the cubes are going down a storm. As soon as people started spilling through the doors at 10am they were being perched on while people waited for colleagues or created a plan of action. Fantastic to see all our hard work being made the most of. Here’s to the next 3 days!! We’ll keep u posted with news and any must see products we discover. Print, tuft and fold xx

100% is almost here!

20 Sep

So we’re almost there! Just a few days to go.  What a huge preperation its been this year, we’ve been working on the feature for this year’s show since February!!  I’m so excited about seeing it all in place first thing Thursday morning as the first visitors enter the hall and are slapped in the face with Print, Tuft and Fold’s colour, pattern and texture. 

Here’s a couple photo’s of work in progress before it all went off to be cubed!

Print, Tuft and Fold (cubed)

20 Jul

You may have heard us say a few times over the last couple of months how hard we’re working at the moment and wondered “on what?” Its also been the reason why the blog has been a little quiet for a while…sorry. It’s not that its been top secret its just that we wanted to get everything right before we let you all know about it.  We are seriously excited though!!

As well as having a stand at this years 100% Design we’ve also been asked by the creative directors Jam Design to put the PTF stamp on the 100% Features Boulevard, a real compliment for us as we’re only exhibiting in 100% Futures for the 2nd year.

So, what to expect? Well…high impact colour and pattern of course, with a collection of 18 seating cubes in various sizes, from the cute and tiny to the bold and jumbo.

We’ll be producing a collection of seating cubes made up of 3 clusters, each containing 6 cubes, a cluster for each member of PTF. This will include an array of kaleidoscopic-inspired carpet cubes from our carpet master of the group, Claire Alderdice; Print, Tuft and Folds resident printer Zoe Beck will be creating graphic city-inspired digitally printed cubes and Fold (aka Kim Bassett) will delight us all with her delicately pleated fabric cubes.

Positioned at the front entrance of Earl’s Court, Print Tuft & Fold aim to seize visitors’ attention with some seriously exuberant textiles as they enter the show.  Creating a colourful and comfy place to meet, relax, tweet and take in the great contemporary design.  So come and visit us and see what we’ve done to the place! http://www.100percentdesign.co.uk/

We also need to say a big thank you to all our sponsors, Hill & Co Rugs, D&G Upholstery, Fabpad (digital textile printers) and Reed Exhibitions.

Hong Kong – A Neon Paradise

26 May

It’s your local friendly Ghost Sister here! Or ‘Gwae Mae’ as the Chinese, (fondly I think), like to call me. 

I’ve just returned from a business trip to the big, brash and bustling metropolis that is Hong Kong. The city is a heady mix for the senses, where around every street corner and alley way there is certainly something to tempt your taste buds!

This is my third trip to Hong Kong, and thing I look forward to the most is the food. I gorge myself. It’s not pretty, but I don’t care. The locals find it amusing to watch the big red-headed Gwae Mae heap table spoonfuls of chilli into her pig intestine noodle soup. I pride myself on my ability to eat absolutely anything that no longer moves. But my interesting eating habits are quite another story, so lets skip to the shopping, shall we?

My second most favourite part of coming to Hong Kong. The shopping! If you enjoy rooting around for total tat and haggling your arse off for it, then this is the place for you! My most prized possessions are from HK – my beloved pink wig (very Lost in Translation), and my fake watches. They last FOREVER, and were probably made in the same factory as the real thang, c’est non?

Which leads me to me next anecdote… the stranger I met on my first night. Looking rather lost in the sleazy part of Wan Chai, a nice American chap stopped to help. I was having trouble finding the spicy crab restaurant, a friend had kindly recommended, and he offered to help show the way. When he offered to sit with me at dinner I thought, ‘How lovely’, no gal wants to wing it alone on a Saturday night, right?  Anyway turns out this chap had written, and I quote, ‘The most important book of 2009’,  well if the Economist says so then it must be right?  The book is called ‘Poorly Made in China’ and the chaps name is Paul Midler. The book is an expose on the underhand dealings within China’s manufacturing industry… certainly food for thought. 


Anyway, back to frivolous thinking – drinking in HK!  A highlight was Philippe Starck’s Felix Bar in the uber-posh Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon. It’s got Starck’s signature minimalist take on sky high quaffing, not unlike St Martin’s Lane Hotel in London, but with infinitely more majestic views. I got all inspired over a few Felixpolitans, watching the daily ‘light show’ on Hong Kong Island’s harbour; a spectacular symphony of neon patterns, rhythmically playing out over Wan Chai’s sky scrapers. I think the next collection will most certainly be neon architecture-inspired – so watch this space!  TUFT xxx


Graduates of the Week

6 May

The lovely people at Furturising have awarded us the title of ‘Graduates of the Week’. 

Futurising is an event being organised by our old haunt University of the Arts London. It’s a one-stop shop of opportunities, advice and information for all future and current creative graduates from all universities across the UK.  The first opportunities and recruitment festival specifically tailored to the needs of creative graduates will take place at the Nicholls & Clarke Building, Shoreditch High Street, London on 29th-30th June 2010.

I (print) was interviewd via telephone last week for the article by Adam who had some great probing questions which really got me thinking about my answers.  I was very aware of not being able to edit myself, it was a little more daunting than I imagined, I kept hearing myself say “no don’t write that” and “scrap that”.  Anyway I got through it and Adam and the fururising team wrote a great article, well done guys!

Check out the full article at http://futurising.org/features/view/print-tuft-and-fold-graduates-of-the-week/