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100% Thank You!!

6 Oct

So it’s all over; the office/studio is tidy again, the stand props are back in storage and we have our weekends back. 100% Design this year was well worth it though, the stand was busy and our seating cubes at the entrance to the show seemed to be a big success. We couldn’t have managed to produce those fantastic cubes without the support of our super sponsors though.  Hill & Co Rugs produced Claire’s fantastic carpet on the tightest schedule in history but still to the highest quality as you would only ever expect from them, FabPad printed Zoe’s city inspired fabric and even when we thought that blue would be the death of us they brought to the table the most eye popping blue we could have only wished for and then there’s the super stars of the show our great upholsters D&G Upholstery with whom we put our lives in their hands and when those cubes turned up on site boy did it feel like Christmas!!  More importantly than producing great products we managed to find the most supportive and friendliest sponsors any designer could hope for, so a big thank you guys for making us want to do it all over again, it was months of hard work but a complete pleasure.

Wow we feel like we’re writing an acceptance speech but we really don’t want to miss anyone out…so we really need to thank JamDesign and Reed Exhibitions/100% Design for firstly giving us the opportunity and then supporting us through it, your inbox’s won’t know what’s hit them towards the end they must of started to flash up ‘it’s them again’!!

The show itself was buzzing and exciting from start to finish, we met some great people. Catherine from Furnish.co.uk who probably didn’t realise it but gave us a huge ego boast with “oh good I’ve finally found you I’ve been running all over the place trying to find PTF!!”  The lovely Ellie Tennent who in our minds writes one of the best interior products blog’s, home shopping spy, and also writes for the magazine Ideal Home, can’t believe she manages both!  (That should probably be the other way round, she writes for Ideal Home and manages to write a blog!) The best company name has to go to Kiss The Frog Again, a shop in Bath, who unfortunately don’t seem to have a website sorry!

So you’re probably thinking “what are they going to do with themselves now?’, all this free time now the shows over…we wish (actually we probably don’t, we do genuinely love what we do!)  No the next few months will involve following up all our leads, catching up with friends who have not seen or heard from us in months, a weeks holiday, a Xmas craft fair (watch this space for more details on that) and because we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t but working on all the projects we set ourselves on those quite moments on the stand during 100%, one of which being re-branding PTF. 

So anyway thank you to all, for your continued support and for coming to see us at 100% Design.
Print, Tuft and Fold xx