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Women mean Business!

5 May

Print & Tuft had a great time at Stylist Magazine’s networking event in Searcy’s last night… we quaffed champagne, nibbled canapes, and met lots of inspiring entrepreneurial women, in a location Fit for a Princess you might say! Not bad work for a Tuesday night…

Guest speakers at the event included Jo Behari of ‘Home Jane’, Janey Holliday of ‘Fit for a Princess’ and Calypso Rose (surely the best name ever) of ‘Clippy Kit’.

It was a pleasure to meet Suzy Aikman, who gave us amazing tips on licensing our products; and Birgitte Lydum who got us excited about collaborating on limited edition prints for her Baby Beamers! Watch this space, people…

We also managed to pin down Stylists very stylish editor, Lisa Smosarski, for a quick chat, and were delighted that she remembered featuring our products in previous issues of the mag!

Kerrie Dorman, Business Mentor Extrodinaire, gave us some amazing advice, which really leaves us quite a lot to get on with – bring it on!

If you spot yourself in any of our sneaky photos, please do tag and feel free to comment!

Cheers, PTF x