Claire Alderdice aka ‘Tuft’ is our resident Rug & Carpet Designer.

Claire explores the idea of order and chaos, fractured imagery and mimicing rythmical growth patterns in nature.  Through this research she has developed an ‘exhaust – designing’ method, playfully utilising a toy kaleidoscope to create non-repeating symmetrical shapes.

Her rugs are designed to suggest infinite pattern as every shape morphs and changes gradually; this lends itself particulary well to bespoke pieces such as stair runners and large rugs.

Claire also loves to create optical 3D effects using colour, blurring the line between art and design and pushing the boundaries of what carpets and rugs can be.

TUFT and her kaleidoscope can dream up any pattern in any size, scale or colour and her one-off wonders are guaranteed to add a huge impact to any room! Some examples of recent commissions are featured below.

Monochrome Magic Rug


“Using imagery from the collections of the Science Museum, PTF has created a range of soft furnishings inspired by railway architecture and interiors, mathematical shapes, and micrographic photography. Science Museum Together PTF is the result”.

'PTF together with The Science Museum'

'PTF together with The Science Museum'

‘PTF together with The Science Museum’


Rhythmical Runner

Rhythmical Ribbons Rug

Rose Rug


Carpet Cube


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